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Highly Customized and Professional Service

Our work is completely customized to your valuation needs.  We don't use templates, automated calculations or form-generated reports.  Every word in our reports and all calculations are specific to your business.

We Work on Flat Fees

We have never violated a flat fee agreement - never.  You know, in advance, the total cost.


Our relationship with you is completely confidential.  We have never violated this principal.  Equally, we do not provide referrals.  All client names, and the work we do, is private, unless specifically asked.

Six Things to Consider


1. More than 1,400 Certified Small Business Valuations

We are experienced:  more than 1,400 valuations in almost very industry.  We are Certified Valuation Analysts (CVA):  National Association of Certified Valuators and Analysts.  This certification is valid nationwide.

2. Future Business Counts

Our valuations include a forecast of your future business - new clients, organic growth, acquisitions or mergers and the impact of new sales and marketing campaigns.  These factors add  to the value of your firm.

3. We Value Patents

We are experienced in the valuation of Intellectual Property.  We have established and documented the dollar value of  trade or business secrets, patents and trademarks.   These assets add value to your firm.

4. Competitive Market Assement

Our reports include an examination your competitors as they compare to your firm.  If your firm is for sale, a report may include a list of potential buyers.

5. Big Data on Small Businesses

We have specific and detailed data on more than 550,000 small businesse transactions. This includes purchase or sale records, mergers and acquisition transactions, bank loans with interest rates and terms and contract provisions.

6. A Menu of Choices

You can choose:

  • An oral report.
  • A limited "calulation" report.
  • A detailed "conclusion" of value report.


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Business Value Center, Inc.

400 Carillon Parkway #110, St. Petersburg, Florida 33716.

(727) 827-8000


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